Bamboo Dreams Bawu - Introduction

The bawu is a Chinese wind instrument.Although shaped like a flute, it is actually a free reed instrument, with a single metal reed. It is played in a transverse (horizontal) manner. The bawu likely originated in the Yunnan province of southwest China, it has become a standard instrument throughout China, used in modern Chinese compositions for traditional instrument ensembles. The instrument is also closely associated with Hmong, Yi, Hani and other minority cultures in southwestern China. It is typically used as a solo instrument, and is often featured in film scores.



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Bamboo Dreams Bawu - Introduction


Although the bawu is still predominantly performed in China, it has in recent years been adopted by European composers and performers. Rohan Leach from England, Raphael De Cock from Belgium, and Herman Witkam from the Netherlands have all taken the instrument in new directions. The musician Guo Yue, who now resides in England, has long promoted the instrument and plays it on all of his recordings.

Amazing Sound


Bawu has a pure, clarinet-like timbre and its playing technique incorporates the use of much ornamentation, particularly bending tones.

Ensure Best Sound Quality

To ensure the maximum accuracy and musicality in the reproduction of this complex and beautiful sound, Sound Magic invited the virtuoso from the prestigious China National Philharmonic to record their wide variety of sounds.

By using the best recording gear available on the market, including a Neve 5088 console, dCS 905 AD converter and Beyerdynamic MC740 Microphones. Bamboo Dreams Bawu brings you super clarity and an expressive sound. Bawu has over 1000 samples, each recorded with 24Bit/96KHz resolution for maximum fidelity.

Powerful Add-on System

Another critical feature in Bawu is its use of Sound Magic Add-on System. Bringing unlimited extension possibilities to the instrument, each Add-on focuses on solving one specific problem with the aim of a thorough - but lightning quick - solution. Every musician has his/her own needs, their own challenges and the Add-on System is the ideal tool, providing solutions with great precision and flexibility.

Special Featuresfor Kontakt Version


Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 5 Version provides Key Switch, Mod switch different groups of samples. Very easy to use.


  • High Quality 24Bit/96KHz Resolution Samples.
  • Patented Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis (MVS) Technologies
  • Over 1GB size and over 1000 samples
  • Multi Layer Velocity Sample provides realistic experience.
  • Over 9 categories, 30 kinds of performance skills
  • Key Switch, Mod switch different groups of samples
  • Supports Sound Magic's Add-on System

Audio Demos

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Bawu Live Demo

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