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Amazing Sound

Ruby Piano starts with the Famous Yamaha C7 sound, Appearing on famous concert stages, international competitions and prestigious music events throughout the world.

Ruby Piano has successfully captured the mellow sustain and beautiful tones of a Yamaha C7 built in 1972, which has original ivory keys. and also managed to represents its unique timbre quality through NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine. It is a beautiful sounding and musical piano ideal for pops and Jazz.

Industry-Best NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine


NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine offers you the best from both the sampling and modeling worlds! The Authentic Sound of Sampling combined with the Playability of a Modeling Piano makes for a piano experience that you have to try to believe!


Ruby Piano's Big Brother Product, Imperial Grand, which uses the same NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine, was nominated for 29th TEC Award in Music Instrument Technology Software Category.

Artificial Intelligent Tools

Artificial Intelligent Tools will help to find your ideal velocity curve, setting up the best-fit parametric of the pianos based on your keyboard and play style. Make it your own!

A.I. Tools will:
1. Test your Keyboard's Velocity Response
2. Test pedal support
3. Measure the lowest and highest velocity for keyboard
4. Suggest the ideal velocity curve
5. Suggest timbre adjustment
6. Give information on different piano types
and many more...

Revolutionary HD Velocity Layers


The Revolutionary HD Velocity Layers is a system that extends the traditional 127 Velocity Layers to 65,536 Velocity Layers. This allows for the smoothest velocity transitions ever experienced and really brings that "live" feeling to all of your performances.

Scala Tuning System


Scala Tuning System allows you try different tunings on your piano. There are over 4000 tunings waiting for you to try out!

Model Every Aspect of a Piano


Sound Magic has carefully modeled every aspect of a grand piano including:

String Resonance and Vibrate behavior
Different pedal behaviors, Half-Pedaling, repedaling, Una Corda and Sostenuto,
Key Noise and Key Release action
Piano size and soundboard reflections
Lid position


Powerful Add-on System


Our Powerful Add-on System brings unlimited extension possibilities to the instrument. Each Add-on focuses on solving one specific problem with the aim of a thorough - but lightning quick - solution. Every musician has his/her own needs, their own challenges and the Add-on System is the ideal tool for providing solutions with great precision and flexibility.


Industry-Best NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine

Scala Tuning Sysytem enable users to select different temperaments for their music

Multi Microphone Positions

New 264-string Sympathetic Resonance

Powerful Add-on System


Audio Demos

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Themes from Digitiphony II
Dear Diary
Mendelssohn Rando
Red Skies
The Last Train
White Lies

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