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Vocalist is a unique, comprehensive and powerful tool for your vocal tracks. It combines effects units such as De-esser, EQ, Compressor, Doubler and Reverb and each one has been optimized for the human voice. And, as always, Sound Magic has made the Vocalist incredibly easy to operate.

Unique 3D Doubler Processor

Vocalist's Doubler produces a huge new vocal effect by revisiting the very concept of the doubling process.Vocalist applies normal doubling, but then expands your sound into a 3D space so you can hear both the width and the depth of your vocal tracks. This makes your vocal sounds clearer with a strength that can stand strong in any mix. If you are looking for a big impact - and great professional sounding vocal tracks - this feature is the killer!


Special Designed Compression and AIR Units

Special Designed Compression Unit provide a wirde, strong vocal sound. Make it sounds powerful and impressive.

Vocalist provides the AIR channel. It brings a "live" sound to your vocal (in any mix!) and radically improves the stereo imaging

Innovative Mixer Design

Vocalist's innovative mixer design enables you to mix all these effects in a single easy-to-use mixer. Every aspect of your vocal tracks is now at your fingertips. You can shape your EQ as you like AND control the strength, width and depth of your sound.

Special Designed Workflow

Special Designed Effect Units and Workflow for Vocal Processing. Every control in Vocalist is designed to process vocals EFFECTIVELY and EASILY.


  • Special Designed Effect Units and Workflow
  • Innovative Mixer enables users to control all effects
  • Innovative Doubler design provides a unique, impact sound and expand the sound in 3D sound field
  • Special Designed High- Quality Reverb
  • Innovative AIR channel add more life the vocal sound
  • Easy to operate EQ enables users to control basic frequency or brightness of the vocal using only one slider



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Price: €80/$105/£69