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Cocoa Piano is a hybrid modeling piano which specially designed for fast use in a music project and for those busy musicians who need a piano immediately. We regard it as world’s fastest virtual piano for

  • Cocoa Piano has a super fast loading time, no waiting time at all!
  • Cocoa Piano runs fast, cost so little CPU and RAM that it could make more room for other instruments such as a big orchestra library.
  • You will understand how to use Cocoa Piano with a super fast speed. No need to read manual, for every control is easy to understand and also a balloon help will assist you well enough.
  • It features an authentic piano sound and it is easy to blend with other instruments. You can make it sits well in a mix. You only need to quickly adjust several controls and you will have an excellent sound.
  • Over 10 controls will allow you to adjust overall sound quickly and effectively. You won’t waste a second in creating your unique sound.
  • There are also over 4 presets ready to use for different styles of music.

Last, for only $49, it is an incredible deal for a budget piano.

Cocoa Piano has standalone and VST version under Windows, VST and AU version under Mac



Lite Hybrid Modeling Engine developed from acclaimed Imperial Grand3D series.

Multi-microphone positions and microphone mixer enables users to mix between different microphone positions and create new sounds that easily fit into a mix.

Meticulous Dynamic Response controls enable users to adjust the dynamics of the piano, change the keyboard response, and achieve both realism and playability at the same time!

Built-in professional Reverb Engine simulates resonances with environment and soundboard, adding extra realism to the sound.

Built-in EQ allow uses to tweak sound freely.

Faster load times. Smaller hard drive footprint, less memory and less CPU usage.


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Demo Version

Download Limited Feature Demo VSTi Version For Windows User

Demo Restrictions: 9 keys are slient, G#1,A1,A#1, F5,F#5,G5,F6,F#6,G6


Purchasing Steps

  • Pay through Paypal or contact us for other ways
  • After receiving payment, we will begin to generate keycode and downloading link for you. This will take some times and you will receive your downloading link and keycode within 48 hours, usually it takes within 12 hours. Downloading link and keycode will send to your payment E-mail address. Please make sure this E-mail address is valid.
  • If you still do not receive any E-mail from us after 48 Hours. Please contact us immediate.


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