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AIR is a technology which common used by mastering engineer to add extra air to the recording.By using it in your music, you will have a better imaging and clarity on high frequency, so your music will sound more "professional". AIR is the most natural sounding way to improve high frequency so that mastering engineers use this technology for a long time. But it is great pity that this technology has never been represents by effect plugins. By using Sound Magic's Award-Winning Modeling technology, AIR is provided as a VST effect unit under Windows or an Add-on for Sound Magic Supreme Pianos. It is suitable to use under the situations below;

When your Mix/tracks feel dull, and it lacks the brilliance of the high frequency. AIR will solve it by giving you better sounding high frequencies.
Here are two comparison demos
DEMO1: No AIR, sounds dull and lifeless
DEMO2: Using AIR, sounds brilliant!

When your Mix/tracks don't sound clear and transparent enough, AIR will emphasize the reverb tail, this will lead to better imaging.

When your Mix/tracks sound too bright, aggressive and fatiguing, AIR will recover it by decaying the high frequency content in a most natural way.
DEMO1: No AIR, a bright and aggressive piece
DEMO2: With AIR, sounds more natural and gentle


Internal 64-bit floating point precision

Four modes, one for slider control and other three auto mode

Two sliders to tweak

Up to 32Bit/384KHz processing



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