Neo Line Plugins - The Superior/Premier Quality Effect Plugins with breakthrough Neo Mixing Technology

Neo EQ - Auto frequency seeking/lock

Neo MasteringQ - Dynamic EQ with Auto frequency seeking/lock

Neo Reverb-Hybrid Algorithm &Convolution Reverb Neo Dynamic - Dynamic Processor with 10 Compressor+Limiter Neo Loudness - Dynamic processor with Loudness Processor/Maximizer Voclaist - A unique and comprehensive tool for vocal processing
Neo Imager - Stereo Enhancer and Imager Neo plasma - Multi Delay with Plasma Collision System Neo Distortion - 2 Stages Multi Distortion Unit Neo Transient - New Concept Transient Processor Neo Reference - The Final Processing of Digital Music! Neo Preamp-Preamp to color your recordings
Pianist - The revolutionary tool for piano recordings! The One - One Knob to get your ideal sound! Neo GraphicEQ - Adjustable 16 Bands Graphic EQ Neo Multi Dynamic - Multi Bands Dynamic Processing Neo Harmonic - Parametric EQ+ Harmonic Exciter  

Add-ons/Effect Units - Problem Solving/Focus Effects

Headphone Mix - Simulate speaker feeling on your headphone! AIR - Add extra air and beautiful high frequency to your recordings Microphone Transformer - Simulates acclaimed Microphones Sound Bass Lord - 3 powerful bass enhancers in 1, .Dominate low frequency! 3D Spacer - Separate 3D Effect unit with 7.1 channel output Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool
Exciter - Full Range exciter adds sweet, beautiful harmony to your music! Esser Terminator - Remove "ess" and "sshh" sound from vocal Warmer - Bring warmness to your recordings! BlueTube Compressor - Get a fatter, deeper and transparent sound Meter Man - Comprehensive and Powerful Metering System Piano Channel - a channel strip specially designed for Supreme Piano 2
PianoComp - Special designed compressor/limiter PianoQ - Special designed EQ for Supreme Piano 2 PianoSR Pro - a seperate Sympathetic Resonance Engine Frequency Scissor - A fast and easy-to-use tool for cutting frequency Frequency Terminator- The terminator of certain frequency!  


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