BlueTube Compressor
Get a fatter, deeper and transparent sound for your recordings by using a clever mastering compressor!

Price: €12.99


The sound of BlueTube Compressor comes from a handcrafted, vintage tube mastering compressor. This vintage unit has an over 110dB THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise), an ultra low distortion which is rarely achieved for tube devices. So it has a fat, strong but transparent sound. This made this tube compressor has a special charming sound which praised by many artists and used on more hit records and major motion pictures than any other. Also the special sound flavor made it is best used as a mastering compressor. By using Sound Magic award winning modeling technology, BlueTube Compressor not only simulates its classic compressor behavior, but also managed to capture its special charming flavor. You can easily get a fatter, deeper and silky sound while still maintains a transparent sound. BlueTube has every necessary control for a compressor. What is more, it features a mode called A.I which uses only 2 easy understanding sliders to control over 8 parametric. The result is fantastic for you will not experience tweak fatigue, but fully focus on your music. In order to help you better monitoring the results, the blue color of the tube on GUI will follow peak levels to change. Still not enough? 2 extra VU meters are also waiting for you to look at.

BlueTube Compressor is provided as a VST effect under windows and an add-on for Supreme Piano.

Now the price of BlueTube Compressor is 60% OFF in regular price, which is from €30 to €12.99. Please note this is a limited quantity offer. Only the first 20 people who purchasing it has this price.


Internal 64-bit floating point precision.

Two mode switch helps you better tweak the compressor

A.I modes helps you get rid of tweak fatigue, 2 easy-understanding sliders will make your music life much easier, with a little magic!

A separate fatness control enables you to control the fatness of the sound

2 VU meters helps you better monitoring the processing result

The blue color of the tube on GUI will follow peak levels to change

Support up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution


Windows Demo Version Downloading by clicking below picture



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