Neo Multi Dynamic
Multi Bands Dynamic Processing, 10 Compressors/Limiters in 1!



Neo Multi Dynamic is the multi bands version for the acclaimed Neo Dynamic, which features a 4 bands dyanmic processing with the innovative Linkwitz-Riley Splitter to separate the frequency bands and then process them. This gives you a better sounding multi bands dyanmic processing because the Linkwitz-Riley Crossover filter tends to have the lowest phase distortion of all filters.

Neo Multi Dynamic is a new concept in dynamic processing technology. Different from ordinary compressors/limiters, Neo Multi Dynamic not only offers more sonic variety than traditional units, it is far easier to use.

Neo Multi Dynamic is based on Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology. This makes Neo Multi Dynamic more like a sampler than typical compressors and limiters. Itembodies several algorithms (such as sample sets) that make this plug-in easy to expand and extend with new compressors/limiters models in the future. Neo Multi Dynamic starts with 10 compressors/limiters, modelled after famous brand names such as SSL, ,TubeTech and so on. Each of these has their own famous "flavors" ready to use.

Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology accurately models every nuance of these famous compressors and limiters. It took years to model each knob and every control on the real hardware, but the results are amazing. When we did phase cancelling tests comparing our models with the originals, we got a result of 43dB decreases in volume indicating a 99.5% similarity with the original hardware.

Neo Multi Dynamic makes the whole dynamic processing experience easier by combining compressors and limiters together. In many cases, compressors and limiters have been treated as two different units. Neo Multi Dynamic automatically combines them both. When you push the ratio knob to max, for example, Neo Multi Dynamic will switch to Limiter Mode automatically. In this way, you can have two units together at your fingertips.

Neo Multi Dynamic is provided as a Windows VST or Add-on for Supreme Piano 2, MAC Version is under development now.

TOP 4 Secrets about the unique sound of vintage compressors/limiters

Although we're well into the Digital Era many people are still fascinated by the sound of vintage gear. As a developer of professional effects units, we strive to find ways to represent these sounds in a digital form. This article will tell you what we have found while modeling these great sounding vintage units and we're sure you can learn lot from this.

Secret No.1: Each of these units have different envelope times which play an important role in the shaping of their unique sound

Attack, Release or even Hold times are controls that are often found on vintage gear. But did you know that there are no strict definitions of these terms due to the imperfection of the analog devices in the past? As a result, release time doesn't necessarily mean the time that drops from the threshold to 0. Actually, every vintage gear manufacturer had their standards for time parametric. (It's usually something along the lines of a 6dB or 50% decrease in volume or so.) During the modeling process, we had to sample many timing points and draw a curve with exact times and actual signal. (See drawing below.)

Secret No.2: Imperfection also has an important role in the sound

During the modeling process, we also noticed the many imperfections of these units and this in itself is a fascinating discovery.

Fact 1: Many Vintage Limiters actually failed when it comes to attack times. They actually have very short attack times - but not 0 ms.

Look at this HUGE 16ms attack time of the EMI TG124 Unit. In this era, they could achieve fairly short attack times, but they could not make it 0ms (as digital does today.) This extra clipping possibility gives the sound more power and punch.

Fact 2: The Non-Linear Response Times This is the final graph of a vintage gear's attack time. It's a nightmare to many developers. Many developers use trend line curves to calculate the Response Time. This not only takes quite a bit of CPU power (because it is usually very complex), it also misses the imperfections! We've discovered that this imperfection is very important to the final sound. Instead of trend lines, Sound Magic uses a technique which we named "wavetable curve" to map this. We cut the time into many small intervals - usually we have 512 or 1024 intervals -,then we use a simple linear function to calculate the response inside this interval. The cost is more RAM usage (only 1-2MB larger than before) but much better CPU usage and it also keeps the imperfection, which means it sounds much closer to the original unit.

Secret No.3: The Secret Hold Time Settings

We have also found that many vintage units have hidden Hold Times, which is partially responsible for their unique sounds.

This is Tube-Tech CL-1B - it has 300ms of hidden Hold Time

Here is EMI RS124, with a 500ms hidden Hold Time They can hide, but not from the ultra precise measurements of Sound Magic!

Secret No.4: Non-Linear Dynamic Response or The Art of Soft Clipping

Many vintage units have a Non-Linear Dynamic Response around the threshold or clipping point. This causes different types of harmonic distortion. Here is one vintage unit

Please notice the blue line. Sound Magic spends years to precisely emulate this complex curve and finally put it into Neo Dynamic.


  • Internal 64 Bit Double Precision Floating Point

  • Innovative Linkwitz-Riley Splitter Design
  • A total of 10 compressors and limiters modelled after such famous hardware including:

SSL 4000G Compressor
BQJ 2500 Stereo Compressor
(Due to Copyright Issues, we can't reveal the trade name of the compressors we've modelled. However, they are all high end professional units and we guarantee those in the know will be able to easily identify their individual sounds.)
Tube-Tech CL-1B Compressor (Not in Demo Version)
EMI RS124 Compressor (Not in Demo Version)
Neve 33609 Compressor Custom Edition(Not in Demo Version)
Sound Magic Default Compressor
Waves L2 Limiter (Not in Demo Version)
EMI TG124 Limiter
Sound Magic Neo Limiter
British Vintage Limiter (Not in Demo Version)
(Due to Copyright Issues, we can't reveal the trade name of the limiters we've modelled. However, they are all high end professional units and we guarantee those in the know will be able to easily identify their individual sounds.)

  • Has a THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) Ranging from -63dB to -135dB. Depend on the types and settings you choose.
  • Our powerful add-on system makes it easy to add additional compressors and limiters in the future

  • Incredibly Accurate Modeling by Sound Magic's Award Winning Modeling Technology

  • Different plug-in version to fit for usage on Sidechain

  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution


Demo Version

Cilck here to download Demo Verion

Demo Version Limitation:

Random Noise in Audio

Limited types of comps/limiters


Neo Multi Dynamic is designed to best use with other Neo Effect Unit, Click the picture below to see it!

Price Instructions

Neo Multi Dynamic is cost €29 if you only buy it. If you buy it with Neo Loudness and Neo Dynamic , the price of this bundle is €99, please choose Pack option to get this price. If you are a Neo Loudness user, you can choose Up option to get it with the price for €10. Here is the inroduction of Neo Loudness ,click below picture to enter Neo Loudness page.

Purchasing Steps

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