Neo Reference
The Final Processing of Digital Music!


Neo Reference is a brand new tool for the final processing of digital music. It combines several of Sound Magic's cutting edge dithering and noise shaping algorithms. These algorithms will change the sound of your music and they will let you find the best timbre for your individual style. Each dither and noise shape has its own unique timbre. What you need to do is listen to them carefully and you find the one that works best for your sound.

You can also use Neo Reference to show you what your music will sound like on different playback devices. This killer feature allows you to preview your music as it would sound in your car, iphones, on a boom box - or an audiophile system!

By Using Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology, Neo Reference uses different algorithms to emulate the Signal to Noise Ratio, Stereo Crosstalk and Frequency Response Curve of the several most commonly used playback devices. Evaluate the sound quality of your music on different playback devices. Hear what your music will sound like on HIFI devices, Computer Audio, Car Audio, Mobile Phones and MP3 players. Make your style of music explode on all of these devices, adjusting your sounds for optimal playback - without having to run out to your car with a CD that you just burned! Your music will sound better and more balanced on all of these devices, not just your monitors. You can even use it to make different versions of your music to better market to specific customer groups - which may lead to more music sales!

Neo Reference is provided as a Windows VST or Add-on for Supreme Piano 2


Internal 64-bit floating point precision

4 Types of Dithering with depth control

15 Sound Magic's cutting edge noise shaping algorithms

Accurate modeling on Signal to Noise Ratio, Stereo Crosstalk and Frequency Respond Curve of common used playback devices

Can be combined use with Headphone Mix Version 3.0 for complete playback system emulation


Demo Version

Cilck here to download Demo Verion

Demo Version Limitation:

Random Noise in Audio

Lacks several features

Neo Reference is designed to best use with other Neo Effect Units, Such as Neo EQ, Neo Preamp, Neo Dynamic and Neo Loudness, Click the picture below to see it!


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