Neo MasteringQ is a discontinued product. Neo MasteringQ is replaced by Neo EQ 2.0. Neo EQ2.0 has included all features of Neo MasteringQ and improved sound quality. Click the link below to enter Neo EQ page.



Based on Sound Magic's Neo EQ technology, Neo MasteringQ is a revolutionary concept in equalizer technology. Totally different from traditional EQ, Neo MasteringQ is able to automatically detect and lock in the most audible/sensitive frequency. This makes the whole EQ process much easier than traditional EQ methods - much more efficient and effective than traditional parametric EQ. In addition, Neo MasteringQ also has many special "weapons" designed for mastering EQ processing.


Mastering Engineers often think it would be perfect if an EQ curve could change as the RMS or peak level changes. With a lot of time and a super precise frequency control, this could be done within the traditional realm. However, with Neo MasteringQ, this process is a whole lot easier. Neo MasteringQ provides a 16 Stage, 32 User Preset Changing Curve for each slider. You can achieve a different boost or cut amount as your dynamics change, giving you meticulous timbre control which will add great depth to your music.


Neo MasteringQ has precision control over dynamic detection parameters (Attack, Hold and Release Time) as dynamic processors. Its slider range is adjusted for lower distortion, which is critical for mastering.


Neo MasteringQ will do a lot of the work that a mastering engineer did in the past. Send an audio signal to Neo MasteringQ and it will analyze that input and find just the right frequencies for you. You won't need to hunt for the right frequency by yourself anymore or worry about whether you can even find the correct one. After Neo MasteringQ finds that perfect frequency, you can adjust the bass, the basic frequency and the harmonic for it. This not only saves a lot of time, it can give you amazing insight on how those with years of training zero in on exactly what needs fixing. And Neo MasteringQ takes the guesswork out of messing with the Bandwidth/Q settings.


Sound Magic has done the research, analyzing over 70 mastering engineer's methods on EQ (with a special focus on frequency furthering skill). This has lead to a special algorithm that Sound Magic has employed within Neo MasteringQ, making the arcane wizardry of professional engineers (and their years of education and experience!) available to the average recording enthusiast.

Neo MasteringQ is REALLY totally dynamic. Common parametric EQ units remain static, even those that are called "dynamic EQ". The cutoff frequency in Neo MasteringQ is always changing as the input audio changes. Because of it's ability to automatically lock up with the right frequency, Neo MasteringQ is more efficient, giving you way more effect with much smaller changes. A 2dB boost sounds similar to an 8dB boost on a common parametric EQ. The bottom line? You end up with much less distortion by increasing the efficiency of the EQ. Less boost/decay and narrower bandwidth makes any distortion far less than traditional EQ. Measurement results prove that Neo MasteringQ only brings around 9% of the distortion of a traditional parametric EQ unit.


Another key feature that Neo MasteringQ provides is that you can analyze a piece of audio first, then hold the frequency characteristics of it and apply that setting to other audio tracks. In this way, you can clone a static EQ setting from one audio track to another easily.


Equipped with the Sound Magic Auto Distortion Correction Peaking Filter Technology, Neo MasteringQ provides the lowest distortion rate ever. This leads to a rich, natural sound - the sort of sound you know you want. Neo MasteringQ is provided as a Windows VST or Add-on for Supreme Piano 2



Innovative pitch detection algorithm special for mastering and multi-instrument mixing, can lock up the right frequency even when there was a lot instruments mixes together.

4 pitch detecters focus on bass, basic frequency and harmonic

Innovative Auto Distortion Correction Peaking Filter Technology brings lowest distortion rate ever

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Bandwidth control based on the behavior modeling on over 70 mastering engineers, included frequency furthering.

Sample and hold fuction enables users to analyze an audio signal first, then hold its harmonic information and apply to another audio track

Different plug-in version to fit for usage on M/S, Sidechain, Mono

Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution