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How To Use EQ To Get An Awesome Sound (in 5 minutes or less!)

EQ is easily the most visible effects unit in the world of recording, mixing and mastering. Becoming proficient with EQ, however, is not an easy task. This series of tutorials will help you to quickly solve some essential EQ issues. Each article will focus on a single issue with detailed explanations on the Truth and "Trade Secret" behind it. You, too, can obtain the same professional results as the experts.

Part 1: How to lock in the right frequency, quickly and accurately, and optimize your EQ methodology

Part 2: How to Minimize the Distortion and Negative Effects of EQ, facts and solutions.

You may need the following tools to better apply and practise what you learnt from our school

Neo EQ
Pitch Tracking EQ
Neo DynaMaster
All Powerful Dynamic Processor
Neo MasterTool
Multi Process Mastering System


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Audio Effects

Neo Effects
Neo EQ
Neo DynaMaster
Neo Reverb
Neo MasterTool
Headphone Mix 3

Live/PA Bundle
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Dynamic Bundle
Reverb Bundle


Serenade DSD/DXD

Audio Interface
Serenade Pro


Pianos and Keyboards Imperial Grand
Blue Grand
Ruby Grand
Fazioli Rose
Vintage Upright
Neo Piano
Supreme Piano 3
Piano One
Hybrid Harpsichord


Chinese Instruments
Laurel Pipa
China Story Erhu
Bamboo Dreams Bawu
China Impression

Amati Violin
Orchestral Strings One

Supreme Drum


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