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Live/PA Bundle is a whole software solution for live/PA market, it will be a powerful tool for live concert/performance. It contains a media player, an effect rack and over 14 plugins to cover every aspect for live sound.

Media Player enables you to organize, play your music more efficient

Powered by Foobar, the media player inside Live/PA Bundle not only supports all the audio format on the market today, but also can be extend with ability easier than other players. You can easy customize your UI. And with it, you can organzie your music more efficient, especially in a situation which need play hundreds session of music. Not mention its professional sound quality.

Virtual Audio Routing and Effect Rack makes the effect easier

Virtual Audio Routing makes the sound can be route through different programs/applications, with Effect Rack together, you can get the effect on without a Host/DAW program. This breaks the obstacle that effect plugin must use under a Host/DAW in order to get the sound processed.

Highly Stable Plugins, with enough kinds of effect types

Live/PA Bundle consist of over 10 plugins which fit for different cases, with them, you can easily find the effect you want. These plugins worth over $1200. And they are specially designed for Live - they have lower CPU usage so this ensures they work very stable. And more important, they are easy to use nad just a few adjustment can do the whole job. This will be most helpful in a situation which you need to tweak the sound quickly and precisely.

Plugins inside the bundle

Neo MasterTool (Mastering Effects in one plugin), Neo EQ (Auto Pitch Tracking EQ), Neo DynaMaster (Comprehensive Dynamic Processors), Neo Reverb (High Quality Reverb), Vocalist (Unique Vocal Processor), Neo Loudness (Loudness control), Neo Dynamic (Compressors and limiters), Neo Imager (Imaging), Neo Harmonic (Harmonic processor), Neo Transient (Transient Processor), Neo Plasma (Chorus/Delay), 3D Spacer (Surround processor),Neo Preamp (Preamp), The One (Multi effects in one plugin).


  • Innovative virtual audio routing enable you to wire any program to effect rack
  • Embodied professional sound quality player
  • Over 10 highly stable, easy to use plugins
  • Effect Rack enable you to build your own effect chain



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Price: €630/$699/£549



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