3D Interactive Music is a revolutionary digital audio technology which achieves an entirely new level of realism and playability while opening up incredible new realms of sound! 3D Interactive Music allows audiences to experience music from different physical perspectives, allowing them to "move around the concert hall" - or even "join" the band on stage. And more importantly, it is the first time that the audiences have the right to choose the sounds they prefer - arranging and re-arranging their sounds to create amazing new perspectives of their favorite music.

Piano Magic is a virtual encyclopedia of grand pianos, featuring five of the greatest (and most expensive!) grand pianos from around the world. Fazioli Brunei: Worthy over $400,000 Fazioli F308: Worthy over $300,000 Bösendorfer Imperial Grand: Worthy over $250,000 Blüthner Grand: Wothy over $320,000 Yamaha C7: Worthy over $160,000 Featuring three different perspectives.

Player Perspective enables you to taste piano sound as you are the pianist playing the grand.

Inside Perspective enables you to feel the piano as you are inside its great wood body.

Audience Perspective enables you to listen the pianos as you are sitting at the VIP seat of the theatre.


Beethoven Fur Elise, played on Fazioli Brunei Franz Liszt

Liebestraum, played on Fazioli Brunei Chopin Fantasie

Impromptu Opus66,played on Fazioli F308

Rachmaninov Prelude No.2, played on Fazioli Brunei

Beethoven Sonata in F minor op. 57,played on Fazioli F308

Satie Gamnopedie No1, played on Bösendorfer Imperial Grand

Schubert Impromptu, played on Bösendorfer Imperial Grand

Beethoven Sonata in A-flat Major Op.110, played on Yamaha C7 Sciabin Sonata No5 Op53, played on Blüthner Grand

Resolution: 24Bit/96KHz

Size: 4.5GB (2.9GB download)

System: Windows XP/Vista/7

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