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"I have listened to the sound of Neo DynaMaster. It sounds like an expensive, analogue compressor. It has a dense, not linear, very natural sound. Also has transparent and live breath. Expansion and M/S Middle feature in this device are magnificent. Very good interface. Illumination of regulators very pleasant."
Eduard Smolyak, Russian Mixing Engineer

"Unexpected effect of doubling. Very thick. The vocal seems big and unique."
George Turner, American Mixing Engineer

"I tried the Sound Magic instruments and I was positively convinced. Now it seems their fx plugins are sounding really nice too hearing to the nice examples posted on this blog's reviews, it would be a great addition to my modest studio."
Francis Dubus, Studio Owner, Producer

"I would love to take Neo Harmonic as there doesn't seem to be anything else like it on the market! Very interesting idea and I love companies that try something new! Congrats on the cool plug-in!"
Jonathan T, Producer/Mixing Engineer

"After trying the demo, I find Neo Loudness can go loud without killing the 'soul' of the original sound. While the low CPU usage makes it a very usable tool for the whole mix and individual channel too."
Erick Gustianto, Mixing/Mastering Engineer

"I really need a good Maximizer, and this one looks really good! Also I've tried it and I really think as you do, this limiter does it's job really well, and retains the Punch very well!"
Mauro Meddi, Producer

Chinese Instruments

"The most detailed sampled Chinese Instrument Ever, and not mention many powderful feature it provides."
Zhang Huo, MIDIFAN Magazine, Producer

Virtual Pianos

"When I first heard these audio demos, I was convinced that a real piano had been substituted"
Ben Paturzo, Wusik Sound Magazine

"I have played many sampled, emulated and VST pianos in my career, as well as the 'real thing' - the search for a realistic and emotionally satisfying piano for the virtual environment has been my holy grail - Supreme Pianos' "Red Wings" is one of the most expressive instruments I have ever played - it draws me in as I play, just like a good acoustic, to a world where I can be at one with the instrument. I have great hopes for this company."
Michael Lisle Dunn, UK Composer - www.mldunn.net

"I've been using Supreme Piano for a few months now and am really impressed. The sound quality is great and the economic vst size doesn't take up the memory real estate of purely sample-based pianos. But what really impresses me is the versatility and programmability of the piano sounds. There are so many paramaters, all clearly laid out on the GUI, to shape the sound as you want it. Intuitive, flexible and a dynamic sound. I rarely use my big sample-based pianos now."
Matt Bowdler (The Unfinished), UK Composer, producer and Pianist.

"It sounds awesome. It has a great dynamic range and very rich sound. Very responsive. The first time I played it I just couldn’t stand up from my controller keyboard. Very good synth presets usually have this effect on me. I just can’t stop playing. But a piano? Never before. Not ever."
Zhivko Koev, Pianist, Producer

"I have compared this to other piano instruments in my arsenal and this one will be my 'go to' piano. With great realistic sound, responsive feel, lots of editing features and small footprint"
Ed Ten Eyck ,Composer, Producer

"I can't really fault how this plugin sounds. It's definitely the best sounding piano plugin I own, and sounds as nice as the nicest piano sample libraries, but with infinitely more flexibility."
Will Morton, Pianist, Composer

"It sounded clear and realistic, with enough velocity levels for expressive playing and a richness in the sound that was authentic to my ears. Sympathetic resonance is amazing, it adds beautiful harmony to the sound, which makes the transition between notes smoother and “reminds” you this is a real instrument and it is “live”. Also while playing you can almost feel the weight of the keys, thus I am very easy to get a great feel about it. Probably a matter of personal taste, it even beaten all the modeling pianos I tried in the past, Pianoteq, Truepianos and etc. And I dare to compare it with my ivory pianos and it is hard for me to judge which one sounds better."
Sean Philip, American Pianist

"Sounds similar to TruePianos, but with a richer bass and more lower midrange energy. This one has some very beefy low mids, and the attack is very realistic with a great deal of bark in the attack which I find missing from a lot of piano VSTs.To me it sounds like a 1940s Bechstein which were known for being bright and bellish with a very sparkly top end, and just like this piano, the Bechsteins in that era also had superb impact in the lows."
Ben, Pianist

"I think the sound is really good. Over the whole range it sounds pretty natural and also dynamic chanches sound realistic (softness /hardness)."
Tom Aeschbacher, Austrian Pianist, Composer


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