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Reference Grade Digital to Analog Converter at an Affordable Price

Serenade Pro utilizes a Reference Grade Digital to Analog Converter which has a Dynamic Range of 123dB and THD+N of -105dB, which is rarely seen in this price range. In order to achieve this superb sound quality, Serenade Pro applies Minimum Path, 32Bit DAC Architecture and Jitter Elimination Circuit.

  • Minimum Path: This technology uses the shortest possible signal path for your audio creating an extremely efficient circuit, lowering the possibilty of distortion and reducing jitter.
  • 32bit DAC Architecture: Compared to the more commonly used 24bit technology, 32bit processing inside Serenade Pro's DAC brings lower distortion and noise, a purer sound with less artifacts.
  • Jitter Elimination Circuit: Our Dual Oscillator design further reduces jitter by providing a more accurate clock source.

Our design philosophy with our entry level audio interface is to focus on the most important feature: sound quality. With an open, warm and transparent sound with an amazing balance between bass, mid and high frequency, you can be sure your sound quality is good enough - detailed enough - to survive in today's demanding market. In order to achieve superb sound quality at an affordable price, we even have to cut the Analog to Digital function. Since a lot of musicians frequently use headphones, we have carefully designed a high quality headphone amplifier for Serenade.

Higher Resolution, New domain of Sound

We commonly see some high-end audio interfaces support a resolution and sample rate at 24 Bit/192KHz, which is the standard of digital audio these days. But Serenade Pro aims at the future and supports playback at 32 Bit/384KHz, which also covers the newest DXD (Digital Extreme Definition) format at 24 Bit/352.8KHz. Serenade Pro supports the DSD format inverted by Sony and Philips, which has been used on SACD for years. Serenade Pro fully supports 4 kinds of DSD with Native playback:

1. DSD64 (2.8MHz)

2. DSD128 (5.6MHz)

3. DSD256 (11.2MHz)

4. DSD512 (22.4MHz).

With this extended support of high resolution audio, Serenade Pro will greatly enhance your music listening experience.

Pocket Size, Huge Sound headphone amp

Serenade Pro has been from the ground up to be portable (with a small size of 12cm*12cm*3cm)- and it can be directly powered from a USB port. This makes Serenade Pro ideal for working with laptops. Despite it's small footprint, we've made sure to include a high-performance headphone amp with a crosstalk of over 120dB and an ouput power of 300mV.

  • True Balanced Headphone Amplifier Technology: In order to achieve a superb performance for our Headphone Amplifier we've included True Balanced Headphone Amplifier Technology that gets it's balance output signal directly form the DAC, avoiding distortion and bass and high frequency loss caused by extra circuitry. We also use separate amp chips on the left and right channels.

The Native Combination of Hardware and Software

Serenade is not only designed as a hardware, but also a software. We believe that a well designed combination of hardware and software will not only extend the usage of the hardware, but also can maximum the power of the hardware. Under this design philosophy, we have carefully designed our software.

  • Headphone Mix Technology: Our headphone mix technology is suitable for those who make their music on a headphone monitoring system. It combines an environment simulation system, a frequency compensating system and HRTF technologies to emulate the "feeling" of speakers on your headphones. With it, you can achieve incredible results when mixing and mastering. Although the sound you hear in your headphones may be more detailed than what comes from a comparably priced speaker system, the imaging of the sound field is still a weak point for headphones. Our Headphone Mix Technology is the solution. By combining our environment simulation system, our frequency compensating system and HRTF technologies, Serenade can reproduces that speaker "feeling" in your headphones. This greatly improves the utility of any headphone system.
  • Virtual Preamp: Virtual Preamp is a brand new technology developed by Sound Magic to improve the timbre and sound quality when dealing with different volume levels. Usually when you turn down the volume in software, the noise floor of the hardware does not change. This results in the loss of dynamic range. When you turn up the volume, the background noise is also increased and the dynamic range does not improve. Virtual Preamp enables users to avoid the loss of dynamic range when turning down the volume and improves the dynamic range when turning up the volume. During the amplifying process, high end analog gear has the special ability to add their unique color to the final sound. This is a killer point that has fascinated most musicians and audiophiles for years. Virtual Preamp technology has not only managed to reproduce this ethereal quality of vintage analog gear, but also provides a selection of different colors for the sound - and lets you choose the tonal color that best suits your music. Simply choose the virtual vintage gear you'd like to use and find the color that best fits your personal taste.

Better User Experience

In order to let our users learn to use Serenade Pro quickly and efficiently we not only provide video instructions but also include a specially designed burn-in DVD which contains both high resolution and DSD/DXD music. This will familiarize our users with the distinct, clear sound of music recorded with both 32Bit/384KHz and DSD resolution.




D/A Dynamic Range: 123dB A-weighted
D/A THD+N: -105dB (0.00056%) unweighted
32Bit DAC Architecture
Native DSD playback for DSD64, DSD128,DSD256 and DSD512
Support PCM playback of 384KHz,352.8KHz,192KHz,176.4KHz, 96KHz, 88.2KHz, 48KHz and 44.1KHz
ASIO and Core Audio Drivers support up to 384KHz and DSD512 playback
Serenade Headquarter offers Virtual Preamp and Headphone Mix Effects and technology

Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.2A
Output: 5.0V 1000mA 5W

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows XP(Only support 32Bit) or 7 (For 64Bit) and above

Mac OS 10.5.8 and above




Digital to Analog:

Package Contents:

THD+N: -105dB (0.00056%) unweighted
Dynamic Range: 123dB A-weighted
Frequency response at 44.1 kHz: 20Hz to 20kHz (+/- 0.03dB)

Serenade Pro Audio Interface
USB cable
External Power Supply
6.5 to 3.5 Headphone jack converter
4 pads
Burn in DVD
Quick Start Guide

Headphone Outputs:

Serenade Pro Audio Interface Dimensions:

THD+N: -105dB (0.00056%) unweighted
Dynamic Range: 123db A weighted
SNR: -123dB A weighted
Stereo Crosstalk: -124dB
Output impedance: 30 Ohm
Output Power: 300mV

Packaging Dimensions:

Graphics/Screen Captures




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Price: €239/$299/£199



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