Microphone Transformer - Basic Introduction


Microphone Transformer is an effect unit which simulates several acclaimed microphones' sound. Form Neumann M149 to U87, AKG C12VR to C414. Microphone Transformer gives you more choices on sound. By using Sound Magic Award Winning Modeling Technology, Microphone Transformer not only simulates the frequency response of different microphones, but also their dynamic response with high-end amps.

Special Feature


Sound Magic provides a special feature which you could choose to mix two different types of microphone together by moving a simple slider. Microphone Transformer is best used when you want a different style of sound in your mix.

Main Features


  • Internal 64 Bit Double Precision Floating Point
  • 6 Microphones simulations in total now and will continuously extend in future.
  • Mix option with two microphones
  • Special Dynamic Shaping controls
  • Support up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution

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