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Battery Powered Mastering Grade USB DAC

Bling Bing Fox has been from the ground up to be portable (with a small size of 12cm*12cm*3cm) - and it has a battery power box to achieve Hi-End sound. This makes Bling Bing Fox ideal for a portable Hi-End DAC/amp. The battery power box is specially designed to be ultra-low internal resistance and have ultra-high stability in output so it becomes the most clean power source compare to any other types of power source. With the power of battery, Bling Bling Fox has an ultra-clean Hi-End sound; you will feel the sound background is fully dark and very quiet. Another powerful new technology Bling Bing Fox utilizes is Hyper Dynamic Range. Bling Bling Fox has a dynamic range of 141dB (Hyper Dynamic Range ON), it is truly a musical experience that you have to try to believe. Armed with cutting edge DSP technology, Bling Bling Fox can provide customize sound, headphone emulation and many other exciting features.


Fusion DSD Playback, Release the power of Hi-Res and DSD Audio!

It is commonly seen many High-End DAC support a resolution at 24 Bit/192KHz. But Bling Bing Fox aims at the future and supports playback at 32 Bit/384KHz, which also covers the newest DXD (Digital Extreme Definition) format at 24 Bit/352.8KHz. Bling Bing Fox fully supports 4 kinds of DSD with Native playback: DSD64 (2.8MHz), DSD128 (5.6MHz), DSD256 (11.2MHz) and DSD512 (22.4MHz). With this extended support of high resolution audio, Bling Bing Fox will greatly enhance your music listening experience. Bling Bing Fox also support Fusion DSD playback, which will represent you the best sound of DSD, release the full power of DSD format.

Different for Native DSD playback (although Bling Bling Fox also supports Native DSD playback), Fusion DSD playback extends the dynamic of DSD file; recover the dynamic to the same level as PCM (from 120dB in DSD to 144dB in PCM). Also Fusion DSD playback has fewer noise/distortion on high frequency, these improvements then has an overall effect on the final sound, when play DSD audio, it has a more dynamic sound and has a more transparent Hi-End sound.

Battery Powered, the start for a Hi-End Sound

For a Hi-End sound device, the quality of power source is very important. And it is the most determined factor for sound quality. In order to achieve the highest sound quality, we need the best power source available on the market. After 3 years development and testing, we finally presents our battery power system. The battery power box is specially designed to be ultra-low internal resistance (less than 50 mΩ overall) and have ultra-high stability in output (less than -180dB power noise) so it becomes the most clean power source compare to any other type of power source. With the power of battery, Bling Bling Fox has an ultra-clean Hi-End sound; you will feel the sound background is fully dark and very quiet.

Headphone Amp with DSP, the most powerful amp ever!

Bling Bing Fox includes a high-performance headphone amp with a crosstalk of over 126dB and an output power of 300mV. We've included True Balanced Headphone Amplifier Technology that gets its balance output signal directly from the DAC, avoiding distortion and bass and high frequency loss caused by extra circuitry. In order to achieve a hi-end sound, we introduce the latest Headphone Vitalizer technology, which is suitable for those who uses headphone as their main monitoring system. It uses customize Multi-Dimensional HRTF system to precise reproduce the speaker feeling on headphone system. Compared to common HRTF, Multi-Dimensional HRTF will have better result when the sound source is not in the middle. With our special designed algorithm, it will sound more open and live then common convolution algorithms. And in order to have the best sound quality, we build this HRTF for each customer. Because every person has a unique HRTF, it is impossible to use a common HRTF to achieve the best result. Headphone Vitalizer changes this case by customizes HRTF for each customer. This is where the value lies.

Headphone Vitalizer’s frequency compensates system has a huge headphone database, which contains over 300 headphones from over 20 manufacturers. And this database covers most wide-used headphone models from big names such as Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, AKG, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic and more. With this powerful technology, you will have the best headphone sound for your system.

Hyper Dynamic Range, extend the dynamic performance

Hyper Dynamic Range is a brand new technology to improve the timbre and sound quality when dealing with dynamics. Usually when you turn down the volume in software, the noise floor of the hardware does not change. This results in the loss of dynamic range. When you turn up the volume, the background noise is also increased and the dynamic range does not improve. Hyper Dynamic Range avoids the loss of dynamic range when tweaking the volume. What is more, Hyper Dynamic Range is the most effective way to improve dynamic range; extend dynamic range in both low end and high end. It sounds more detail when the sound is soft but more impact when the sound is loud. And unlike EQ and Compression, it is impossible to hear any artificial effect/sound when Hyper Dynamic Range is ON.

Customize Sound, forge your unique sound

Another killer feature that Bling Bling Fox has its ability to customize sound. As we know, sound quality is often a taste of personal preference. So everyone has his/her unique perfect sound in their hearts. That’s why a single hi-end DAC cannot satisfy everyone. Armed with new cutting edge DSP technology, Sound Magic finally solves this issue by providing the possibility to customize sound for customers. By answering a few questions, we can find your preferred sound style and finally we present the sound you want. You do not need to worry about how it works, we will put the code into DSP and you will have your sound when you using Bling Bling Fox to play music.

Better User Experience

In order to let our users learn to use Bling Bling Fox quickly and efficiently we not only provide video instructions but also include a specially designed burn-in DVD which contains both high resolution and DSD/DXD music. This will familiarize our users with the distinct, clear sound of music recorded with both 32Bit/384KHz and DSD resolution.

Bling Bling Fox also comes with a backpack which enable you to carry it with you on a trip. And we also include Serenade DAW so that you can use Bling Bling Fox to professinally process DSD audio.




D/A Dynamic Range: 141dB (HDR ON)123dB A-weighted (HDR OFF)
D/A THD+N: -105dB (0.00056%) unweighted
32Bit DAC Architecture
Native DSD playback for DSD64, DSD128,DSD256 and DSD512
Support PCM playback of 384KHz,352.8KHz,192KHz,176.4KHz, 96KHz, 88.2KHz, 48KHz and 44.1KHz
ASIO and Core Audio Drivers support up to 384KHz and DSD512 playback

Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.2A
Output: 5.0V 1000mA 5W
Battery Box: 4 AA Battery

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP(Only support 32Bit) or 7 (For 64Bit) and above
Mac OS 10.5.8 and above

Digital to Analog:

Package Contents:

THD+N: -105dB (0.00056%) unweighted
Dynamic Range: 141dB (HDR ON)123dB A-weighted (HDR OFF)
Frequency response at 44.1 kHz: 20Hz to 20kHz (+/- 0.03dB)

Bling Bling Fox USB DAC
USB cable
External Power Supply
6.5 to 3.5 Headphone jack converter
4 pads
Burn in DVD
Quick Start Guide
Battery Power Box

Headphone Outputs:

Bling Bling Fox Dimensions:

THD+N: -105dB (0.00056%) unweighted
Dynamic Range: 141dB (HDR ON)123dB A-weighted (HDR OFF)
Stereo Crosstalk: -126dB
Output impedance: 30 Ohm
Output Power: 300mV

Surface Material
Artificial Wool & Aluminium Alloy

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Price: €1799/$1999/£1299



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