Fazioli Brunei
A small footprint kontakt piano with an amazing sound

Price: €29


The "Fazioli Brunei" samples were obtained from a custom model of the Fazioli F308, which is considered by many to be the best (and the most expensive!) grand piano in the world.It totally unveil the full body character of Fazioli sound with a deeper and mellow bass and it has an extremely sweet sound with transparent highs unlike any other piano.

This library showcases our newest approach to creating the world renowned SoundMagic piano sound. This time around, we started with our focus on the Kontakt Library, bringing it's users the small size and high quality of sound that has made us famous. This unforgettable piano weighs in at only 100MB - an amazingly small footprint for getting that singular Fazioli sound beneath your fingers!


Only 100MB in size with Kontakt Lossless Compression Technology

Super Fast loading speed and lowest RAM usage

4 Layers with AET filter to ensure smooth velocity transition

63 of the 88 keys are sampled to ensure richness of the piano sound and every note sampled in frequently used octaves

Release Trigger Samples

Built for Kontakt 4

Please note Fazioli Brunei is a Totally different product as Rose Whisper Piano. Rose Whisper Piano is supposed to have better sound and more controls on Sound


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Purchasing Steps

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  • If you still do not receive any E-mail from us after 48 Hours. Please contact us immediate.


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